My 5 week old baby is status post tongue tie and lip revision. We had a few nightmare days after the procedure that left me wondering if we would EVER be able to nurse effeciently. All I can say is I am SO thankful we found Stephanie’s gentle and gifted hands! She worked with my baby and I noticed better flanging of the lips and overall suction after one session with her. We are so grateful! We were nervous upon our first visit, but Stephanie is such a professional and peaceful CST....she even met us at the door upon us driving up! It’s like she knew we needed that extra reassurance and she welcomed us with open arms. Her office is soo serene and it feels like a little getaway for momma too :) Baby and I BOTH benefit from these sessions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Nicole R.

Thank God for this woman and her gifts!!! My son was roughly 6 months old when I first reached out to Stephanie. (I had never heard of CST before) He had such a severe case of torticollis and our weeks consisted of three doctors visits (2x to PT, 1 to DO) with tons of screaming and no light at the end of the tunnel. Stephanie took time during our phone call to ask questions about his condition and our birth experience and I immediately felt a connection to her. She's gentle (no cracking, no crazy stretches..think massage pressure). My son did not cry! (HUGE relief for my first time mama heart). She's compassionate, does not rush through appointments, and is so reasonably priced. She was the missing piece to correcting my sons torticollis! Currently pregnant with #2 and I plan on taking my newborn to see her as soon as we can. Birth can be traumatic for these sweet babes! THANK YOU, STEPHANIE! C. Miller

Stephanie is an angel. We had CST done on our baby girl, once at a few weeks old and a 2nd time at 2 months old. We’re working on her latch. Stephanie is so wonderful at working with babies, she’s gentle & sensitive to the babies body & needs. Her energy is peaceful & calm which helps so much when your a mama looking for some help! Her place feels like home, very inviting. We will continue to use her for any body work & CST. Dolores M.

Stephanie is amazingly gifted! My teenage daughter has suffered from severe and chronic headaches since she was a toddler. We had tried everything to determine the cause (MRI's, lab work, etc) and pursued various methods of treatment (medications, traditional massage, chiropractic) with no lasting success. After only 2 sessions with Stephanie, her headaches were virtually eliminated. She is so happy to finally be pain free. We would recommend this therapy to anyone and everyone...Many thanks, Stephanie!-Sherri

I can’t say enough about Stephanie, both her skills as a body worker and her ability to meet her clients where they are. As a fitness professional and a birth worker I find her work essential to keeping me at my best and she is truly one of the only CST/body workers I send clients to. Stacy H

So happy our pediatrician recommended Stephanie to do cranial work for our little one. Our 2 month old loves going to see her and laughs and smiles the entire visit. You honestly wouldn’t even know that he’s getting work done it’s so gentle and more like play time. I would highly recommend Stephanie for anyone interested in improving the quality of their health. Calan S

I took my 5-month-old to see Stephanie and she was so gentle yet effective. My baby was smiling and happy throughout the appointment. She also audibly sighed 3 times, I imagine like relief from releasing tension. C Bishop